1. grog24

    Backpacking hunts - Bring the suppressor or leave it at home?

    Hello, getting into backpack hunting. Quick background: I have multiple suppressors and use them on things from 22lr up to 45-70s.. even have some Form 1s so I’m well aware of their pros (tons) and cons (weight and length). My intended gun is a 284win built to shoot 184 hybrids with a 26”...
  2. giantsfall

    TBAC Certificate, Thunderbeast “100 percent off any suppressor” certificate or cert

    Thunderbeast Certificate for 100% off purchase price directly from TBAC for any suppressor. Again, free for any suppressor direct from Thunderbeast. The best use/value for this certificate is for the TBAC 338 Ultra SR, which includes one brake, $2195 is listed cost on the TBAC website, savings...