1. In_Him

    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom 8.6BLK

    Hello Everyone, Here's another one. Again, just downsizing to a single action switch barrel until the day wifey and I are done with being nomads and are ready to build something somewhere...maybe Wyoming 🤞. Here's what in this build: 8.6 BLK $3810 Retail Selling for $3000 Complete w/ Scope +...
  2. T

    AAC 300 Blackout Upper $750

    Below is from the website for this upper. Advanced Armament Co (AAC) AR-15 A3 Upper Receiver Assembly 300 AAC Blackout 16" Barrel This Advanced Armament Corp. AR-15 Upper Receiver Assembly in 300 AAC Blackout is a pin-on, ready-to-shoot top end for use with any standard AR-15 lower receiver...