1. D

    Classic Nosler Rifle for sale - 28 nosler

    This is one of the original nosler rifles designed by John Nosler himself. I picked it up when i worked for the company. Firearm was a media rifle used by journalists and others during range days. I had the company gunsmith re-barrel it from 26 to 28 nosler, square the bolt face, and replace the...
  2. F

    7 STW 3 Die Set RCBS

    I have a 3 die set of RCBS in 7 STW Full length sizer, Neck sizer, seating die. $60.00 shipped
  3. O

    New Elr build

    Hey y’all! So basically, some time ago, I got into long range (ultra long range)...ended up building a 338 lapua improved...I got an offer that I couldn’t refuse and now the money’s burning a hole in my pocket. Just kidding, but I’m going to pull my hair out if I don’t get back to shooting. I’m...
  4. C

    NEW 7mm STW brass for sale

    100 rounds of hornaday 7mm STW brass for sale. I got it when i found some in stock locally and never ended up using it. Now i’m switching to a 28 nosler so it’s not needed. I also have some remington once fired and some nosler brass but i still have to sort it out and post for sale later...
  5. D

    Nosler 7mm STW 1x-fired Brass 60 Pieces w/boxes

    NOSLER 7MM STW BRASS 1x-Fired in original boxes. $75.00 shipped
  6. LJW


    Specs on this rifle are: -Stiller Predator Long Action -Rock Creek 1:9 twist medium Palma 26 inch 5/8x24 threads -Greybull Precision Stock with magnet for Javeline Bipod (included) -Seekins DBM with 5 round accurate Mag -Kepplinger Set trigger -some Nosler 7STW brass and some Quality Cartridge...