stuck case

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    I messed up and sized my hornady oal case.

    So I was setting up my reloading die last night and didn't pay attention to the fact that I'd put my hornady oal gauge case in my box with my fired cases. As you may have guessed I sized it and as it was not meant to be sized the rim broke off and now the case is stuck. I know this was very...
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    Stuck case in chamber

    I recently had a proof barrel put on my .300WM Sendero. I’m working on developing a load, and have yielded good results from 70gr of IMR4831, with a Nosler AB 180gr. In fact that is the same recipe for the weapon prior to adding the new barrel. Here is my “hmmmm” moment. I had no indication of...
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    Extraction problems. Gunsmiths?

    I put together a Remington 700 in 222 remington with spare parts i had around the shop. Factory takeoff barrel, everything stock except for the recoil lug. The problem is it wont extract! I re-soldered the bolt handle to time it, headspaced properly and polished the chamber. I removed the...