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  1. Blaster01

    SOLD/EXPIRED Straight Jacket 6gt, Tikka, XLR, XRS2- $2300

    I have a 6gt on a tikka action. Chambered by straight jacket armory. 26” proof SS barrel. The action was faced off as well to accept full shank barrels. Also has a Timney two stage trigger. Sits in an XLR Element chassis. Area 419 Hellfire brake. And topped with a Bushnell XRS2 with the h59...
  2. S

    KRG Bravo PRS Competition rifle from Straight Jacket Armory

    Lately many of the shooters who call Straight Jacket Armory have been asking how they can get into PRS with an affordable rifle that will deliver outstanding performance. We pair a proven combo using the feature rich Origin RD3 action with a quality Benchmark Medium Palma 24" and install that on...
  3. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Pre Fit barrel Sale! Carbon6, Proof research, Benchmark

    Use Promo code SPRING2020 and get 50$ off and free shipping! click link below to see all the options! Ends Sunday 3/15
  4. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Shot Caller Self timing Brakes Shot caller Gen2 Brakes on sale now. These are highly effective brakes! Our 90 degree oversized rear port does a fantastic job blocking the two front 30 degree ports from giving you that “punched in the nose” feeling. 5/8x...
  5. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Carbon fiber package remington 700 and Bergara

    link to the website Below! limited time! purchase this package for you r rem700 by 3/15/20 and receive FREE DLC coating on your bolt and Action! ( a $200.00 value) Purchase this package for your...
  6. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    SOLD/EXPIRED In stock 6.5PRC Packlite Rifle

    This almost never happens! we have 1 PackLite 26” 6.5PRC in stock! this rifle is 95% complete and only lacks the buyer telling us what color scheme and bottom metal he or she would like. rifle will ship in 5-7 days! Rifle will finishright at 6.6-6.7 pounds. this won’t last long! link below...
  7. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Remington custom barreled actions $100 off

    we have a Good stock of Rem700 actions building up. check out the link below to see options, be sure to use Promo Code "remsale" at checkout to save $100 on your order! actions are new, and have been trued and lapped, and will come with a new...
  8. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    10% off until Friday leupold, Kahles, ARC and more

    Who got new glass For Christmas? who got new rifles, and need glass? Check out these prices after you enter Promo Code - “betterhurry” gives you 10% off optics and rings! Ends Friday!
  9. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    IMPACT 737 Barreled Actions

    only 2 available. (We ended up with 2 more on the books we would like gone before the end of the year) Right hand Only, combinations available listed in link below. Only 1899.00!
  10. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Timney HIT triggers

    Straight Jacket Armory has great prices on triggers, Bottom Metal, chassis and more! But this deal on triggers won’t last! Christmas Promo get the new HIT trigger for Remington 700 and clones for 60$ off map. Click link below...
  11. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Terminus Barreled Actions

    With stainless barrels, 308 bolt faces, and choice of provided contours and lengths, pick your chamber and get into a top shelf precision action for a great price! Straight Jacket Armory has 2 Terminus Apollo Barreled Actions for only 1699.00! When they gone, they are gone! If you don’t see...
  12. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Terminus Apollo Barreled Actions

    Next sweet deal is By Terminus Actions. 2 only at this price (1699.00) The Impacts only last 45min! So don’t wait! When they are gone that’s it! Delivers in 3-4 weeks I did not put a Carbon Fiber option in the website. If someone wants one of these in Carbon fiber, you can call the Order...
  13. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Complete Carbon Build Packages for Rem700 and Tikka

    Black Friday Gunsmith’s Packages for Rem700/ Tikka T3! (Send in your Tikka t3 or Rem700 Barreled Action/rifle) pick any package and get free return shipping, and a FREE Gen2 Shot Caller Brake You choice of Contour/length/colors Orders Must Be Caller in! Starts 11/26/19 For call ins. Web Orders/...
  14. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Save 10% on Carbon fiber Prefit barrels

    save 10% store wide at Straight Jacket Armory! Use Promo Code “THANKYOU” at checkout! This includes discounting our custom rifles. If your not into online purchases we can process your order durning business hours over the phone! 307-707-3181 EXT1
  15. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Pre-Fit Barrels For Seekins HAVAK

    we are now offering Prefit Barrels is a variety of Chambers and contours for the HAVAK Hunter and Bravo rifle. Click link below for Details
  16. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Kahles 624i

    up for grabs, Kahles 624i Left hand wind Light use, includes med ARC m10 rings 2,000.00 SKMR reticle
  17. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Curtis Helix Action with Proof barrel of your choice, ships in 3-5 days

    we have a extra Curtis Custom Helix Long Magnum Action up for grabs. Action-1250.00 Add a Proof Research Carbon Barrel for And get a additional 10% the barrel by using promo code “SEPT10” Call 307-707-3181 eXT 1 to order. See or order your barrel at...