SOLD/EXPIRED StaBall HD powder 4 -1 lb. cans unopened in NW Washington

    Winchester® StaBALL™ HD is a temperature-insensitive, double-base, BALL® Powder, stable in extreme-hot or -cold conditions. This slow-burning magnum powder provides optimal loading density in large capacity magnum cartridges appropriate for the burn speed, which is ideal for 6.5 PRC, 7MM...

    StaBall HD Powder Oak Harbor, WA NO Shipping

    2 lbs of Winchester Staball HD Powder - Sealed Purchased 2 months ago from Hodgdon site $150.00 firm
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    Staball + CCI 200 + 300 WSM = success or hangfires?

    I want to try some staball in my 300 WSM but don't have any magnum primers to spare so I was hoping to solicit any anecdotes that folks have running standard primers (either CCI 200 or 210m's) with staball in a WSM sized cartridge. I've been launching 212 ELDX's with CCI 200's and H4831 and it's...