staball 6.5

  1. JumpinLegs

    CEB Maximus and StaBALL 6.5 for .270 Win

    I just got some 125 gr CEB Maximus's for my .270 Win. The only powder I have right now is StaBALL 6.5. I already reached out to CEB about load data and they don't have load data using StaBALL 6.5. I don't want to buy a new powder just yet. Does anyone have any suggestions for a starting point...
  2. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED New/Unopened Staball 6.5 8lb Jug

    Selling a new/unopened 8lb jug of Staball 6.5. I sold my Creedmoor and just don’t have a need for the powder. Asking $300 obo. Face to face purchase only, can’t ship. I’m located in VA and am willing to travel, a reasonable distance, to meet.