south africa

  1. adictosacazar

    What's your favorite one?

    Love African antelopes, just a few weeks to be back on the bush, what's your fav one?
  2. adictosacazar

    South Africa Hunts.

    Specialize in Africa hunts, we have our own concessions in Limpopo, Eastern Cape, Kimberly, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique and Congo. Book with 500 euros per hunter the rest on arrival, Still have dates open for this year. Check out all of our Africa Programs:
  3. S308W

    Hello from Cape Town, South Africa

    Hi All, Long-time lurker and new member here. I am relatively new to the long range game, but have done quite a bit of research. I am hoping to commit to a .300 Norma Magnum Improved build soon. If anyone can help with a reamer or reamer print for a shoulder between 30-35 degrees that will...