1. outdoorsmunn

    SOLD/EXPIRED Kahles K525i SKMR3 reticle w/ left windage (LSW) 5-25x56

    For sale is a Kahles K525i with SKMR3 reticle and left side windage. The scope comes with a MKM throw lever and parallax spinner as well as the factory box and neoprene scope cover. The scope is in great condition with only a couple small nicks in the finish (circled in the pics below). No ring...
  2. B

    Like new Kahles K624i scope SKMR3

    For sale is a very lightly used Kahles K624i scope, SKMR3 reticle, LSW, CCW (model #10616). It was on my secondary rifle and saw very little use. Not a scratch on it! It comes in the factory box with all the accessories, a Tenebraex ARD, and Tenebraex ocular cap. $2350 shipped and insured. No...