1. E

    For Sale Redding Big Boss II Single Stage Press. In great condition.

    Redding Big Boss II Single Stage Press. In great condition. $190 shipped
  2. bob4

    Berger, Sierra and Forster BBN

    Shipping flat rate: Berger 30cal 175 gn VLD hunting (197). . $80 shipped Forster Bushing, bump, neck sizing dies. 270 win and 300 WM , each has extra pins and 3 bushings in original boxes.. $50 each shipped. Will text pics if you like ************************************** 2 boxes (200...
  3. wboregon

    Forming 338 edge from 375 brass.

    I'm pretty confident this can be done, I've seen more then a few people doing it. I just happen to have a batch of 375 rum that was given to me with some other reloading stuffs and just ordered up a barrel and dies for the EDGE. I'm hoping to size down .375 rum with a whidden bushing die. I...
  4. 3

    .338 Edge Brass Prep Trouble--Poor Runout....

    I am new to the Edge caliber and am having some difficulties getting the virgin brass prepped well. I am using the .300 UM brass and Redding .338 UM dies to neck up. I frequently get very poor runout on the necks (sometimes up to 8 thousanths) when I check after using the FL die, so I have been...