single shot rifle

  1. G

    Little fired Remington 40 X single shot .223 , 27 /12 inch barrel .. one hole at 100 yards.. great trigger and shoot all day

    I have several of these and if you have never shot a 40 X , it is the standard by which all other rifles are judged. Great trigger and accuracy. .223 caliber although 5.56 ammo works great, probably that long bull stainless barrel that helps I will send this to your FFL for $1077 . If you...
  2. Panhead57

    Dakota Arms Discontinues Miller Rifles

    I recently noticed that Dakota Arm's 2019 catalog no longer features the Dakota Miller single shot rifle built on the DeHaas Miller action. I sent Dakota an email and they confirmed they have stopped making them. I own 2 Dakota Miller Classic rifles that not only exhibit beautiful workmanship...