sightron siii

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    Custom Rem 700 6BRDX + extras

    This is Chad Dixon Custom Rem 700 chambered in 6-BRDX ( The reamer specs used used for the 600yd rec set by David Stripling). Receiver: Trued and blueprinted Remington 700, .285 pinned and CNC machine recoil lug Bolt Fluted with large Tsc knob + M16 extractor. Barrel: 30" Bartlein 6mm (.236 -...
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    Sightron SIII 6 - 24 x 50 TD

    SOLD Sightron SIII 6 x 24 W .25” target dot, target knobs. Tracks well. This has 52 documented rounds on it, still mounted on a 22-250 LRPV Savage. I will take it off when it sells. Sells as the scope with lens covers only, no rings or bases. I don’t know but don’t’ expect any ring...

    Sightron SIII 8-32x56 LRMOA

    Will come with factory turrets(not shown) with no rings or level. Used tracking is still perfect. I will sell with the rings, level, and/or turrets shown for extra. $700 shipped.