second focal plane

  1. GodMadeAHunter

    SOLD/EXPIRED NX8 2.5-20x50 MOAR-CF2

    ***PRICED TO SELL*** This is a new optic that has never been mounted, Reticle picture is on the box on the attachments, but there are plenty of reviews for this scope on YT. Shipping insurance is on the buyer at this price. If you have any questions just ask. Price: $1525 Thanks, Jeremy D.
  2. redchinviking

    FFP vs SFP Mechanical Durability

    This might have been answered already but after a little digging I found nothing. Spoke with an engineer at one of the market leading scope manufacturers recently about whether a SFP was more durable mechanically than a FFP. Which one is statistically more likely to fail from impacts. Return to...
  3. H

    SFP Windage Compensation and Second Shot Correction

    I have only used and owned FFP scopes. I have noticed a trend of long range hunters using second focal plane scopes and am interested in learning how there used in practical application for a long range hunting shot. Through research I have not seen anyone explain how a second focal plane...