1. lovec_1

    6.5mm Lapua with 123gr. bullet

    Guys, I've found few bottles of the H4350 and some boxes of Lapua Scenar 123gr in my safe. Does anyone loaded this combo? What kind of speed I can expect? My rig has a 26" pipe. Thx.
  2. charliehorse27

    SOLD/EXPIRED 1,000 - 6mm Lapua 105 gr HPBT Scenar bullets

    ****JUST SOLD ON ACCURATE SHOOTER AFTER LISTING HERE**** For sale is a 1,000 ct box of the 6mm Lapua 105 gr HPBT Scenar bullets. Not the lockbase version. Part number 4HL6045. Box has deteriorated due to the substantial weight, but taped back together. $320 shipped to your doorstep (or...