saum brass

  1. Lovellr653


    My FIL and I are going on our first elk hunt next year. He’s got a Model 7 chambered in 300 Rem SAUM and only a box and half of bullets. I’d like to get some practice ammo loaded up. Edit: I got my hands on brass now just need a set of dies. If anyone has a set of dies kicking around they’d like...
  2. outdoorsmunn

    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS - Remington 300 SAUM brass New

    I have 89 pieces of brand new Remington 300 SAUM brass. I necked them down for 6.5 SAUM, but realized I would probably have to turn necks and decided I didn’t want to deal with that. They were annealed on an AMP prior to the sizing. So they will likely need to be sized depending on what you need...