sako trg

  1. 3

    338 Lapua TRG-42, with Schmidt Bender PM11, 5x25x56

    Rifle comes with Sako bipod, strap, muzzle break. Travel case, length of pull insert and cleaning rod with jag include. Schmidt Bender PM11, 5x25x56 L/P, MTC, LT, H37, FFP MRAD, CCW RAL8000 Color BadgerOrdnance 34mm Standard 1.125” Steel Ring set. Rifle $1500.00 Scope $3000.00...
  2. Canhunter35

    Cadex r7 vs Sako TRG 42

    I’ve gotten very consistent at shooting my 308 and 6.5 out to 1k on targets. Looking to push the distance to one mile and down range energy. Considering purchasing a lr magnum and was looking at the Sako TRG: And the cadex r7 shepherd...