ruger 77

  1. cantfixstupid

    Looking for Firing Pin Assembly M77 Ruger Tang Safety

    I have a Ruger M77 Tang Safety 243, and for some unknown reason the tip of the firing pin broke off at the last range trip, I have looked high and low for a replacement but no success to date. I have found stripped bolts on ebay, Numrich lists them, but are out of stock, I called Ruger and no...
  2. T

    7mm rem mag, 175 ABLR, 7828SSC

    Hello all, I’m new to LRH and looking for some advice on a rifle I’m loading for. Components: Ruger 77 action Brux stainless 26” 1-8 New Norma brass Fed GM215M 175gr ABLR IMR7828SSC I’m seating bullets to fit mag box, that gives a 0.120 jump. I’m increasing charges 0.3 grain at a time...