ruger .22lr

  1. Tom Stanbury

    Newbie But Oldie in the Deep South

    Hey! I'm new to this exchange, but I've been poking paper and game for many decades. I enjoy semi-auto and revolver pistols, along with bolt action and AR rifle platforms. Experienced in .17 HMR, 22LR, .243 WIN, 5.56 NATO, 7 MM REM MAG, 9MM. I reload a little. And I enjoy building rifles. I...
  2. BigBuck74

    Ruger 77/22 ALL WEATHER .22LR LNIB / Accessories

    I am selling my Ruger 77/22 ALL WEATHER chambered in .22LR. It is a beautiful rifle that is extremely accurate. I am the original owner, and it comes with a Ruger gun sock by Allen Co., A ruger oil rag still sealed, 2 extra genuine ruger mags plus the one in the gun, gun lock and matching scope...