rifle powder

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    WTT/WTS H1000 8lb jug

    I have an unopened 8lb jug of H1000 that I am wanting to trade for an 8lb jug, (or singles), of N570, RL33, or RL26 (or a mix of the three). Let me know what you have. Face to face transfer is preferred, I am located in Harrisonburg, VA area and willing to travel within reason. For sale price...
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    IMR 8133 8lbs

    Selling some extra powder I no longer need. An unopened 8lb jug of IMR 8133, along with a 1lb jug that's about half full. I don't currently use this in any of my loads and I know it's very hard to come by now, so hoping someone can put it to good use. Only trade interest would be RL26...