rem 700 la

  1. BlazerBeam

    SOLD/EXPIRED Christensen Arms ridgeline stock-brand new-$200

    This is off of a brand new ridgeline. Has two swivel studs up front. Remington 700 Long action, BDL bottom metal. Barrel channel fits christensens Carbon barrel. So I would call it sendero. Bedded at the recoil lug area. Weighs 30 ounces. Great stock, just not my style. $200 OBO shipped
  2. joseph singleton


    Piccatinny Rail REM 700 LA - Xtreme Hardcore Gear Rail w/ Level New in package - Never opened or used - I purchased 2,using one, then got a deal on a Nightforce 1 piece for the other sendero.. $75.00 Shipped
  3. J

    WTT rem 700 LA....

    Rem model 700 LA ADL 30-06 with bases got for a build but have different plans now iclude 50pcs win brand new brass opened to trades even glass.... Interested in savage model 10 or 12 even .22 pistols let me know what you have thank you....