reloading data

  1. C

    Quickload for 375 rum

    Hi I was wondering if anybody would be able to run a quickload for a 375 rum with a 350smk seated at 4" OAL. Finally finished my rifle but am at a loss for max case capacity and where to start out and with powder so scarce don't want to burn through lbs of powder trying to find which one will...
  2. H

    101 reloading powders

    So I am trying to learn about reloading so really my biggest question at the moment my mentor is telling me that I need such and such powder for different loads so for a example let's say a h380 powder what dose the h and the 380 Designate is there a system that would tell you why that powder...
  3. Glenn Tullius

    Chronograph distance?

    Gents, I am not exactly sure what the "standard distance" is to shoot my rifle through my chronograph? How far away? 6 feet, 8, 10? All my hunting reloads with the exact same bullet, powder, powder weight, primer, brass, and barrel length, run 50 to almost 100 fps slower than the book listed!
  4. D

    Hodgdon Reloading Website

    I am guessing that most everyone has seen this but if not, Hodgdon has a very good collection of reloading data at: cheers, all