reloader 22

  1. Porcupine

    6.5 CM Load RL 17 19 22

    Hey guys, I have searched the site for 6.5 CM loads and there is a lot. But I’m specifically looking for trusted loads with Reloader 17, 19, or 22. I’m loading up 143 g ELD-X’s. Thanks for the help
  2. R

    Alliant R22 in a .308 Win

    Anyone have any experience with Reloader 22 in .308 Winchester? I ask because I have ended up with about 8-10 lbs thru estate package deals. Alliant lists loads for 243W and 260R, both use 308 cases. Also listed are loads for '06 based rounds - 270, 280, '06. I'm thinking of using the 260R...