1. Hawkeye Pierce

    SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5 bullet clearing PRICE DROP

    135 gr Hornady A-tip 100 ct. $70SPF 140gr Hornady ELD-M 96 ct. $35 SPF 139 gr Lapua Scenar HPBT 814 (414) ct ($189) Will do bags of 100 for $45 400 scenar SPF MAKE OFFERS Shipped CONUS Make offers. Cashiers check or usps money order. Will send when check clears. RL-26 sold...
  2. Hawkeye Pierce

    NEW 7mm WSM brass 100 ct.

  3. moa_shooter

    Redding Premium Series Deluxe 3-Die Set 7mm rem mag

    i have a set of unopened Redding Premium Series Deluxe 3-Die Set in 7mm Remington mag they are selling for 134.99 at midwayusa Asking $75 need gone PAYPAL only
  4. L

    Reloading 270wsm

    I want to start reloading for my 270 wsm browning A-bolt. I was wondering what loads, brass, primers, bullets do you guys use, and any tips and recommendations. I’ve been using a super x power point 150 grain
  5. A

    Have an issue the lyman re-sizeing/de-capping die.

    I just got brand new lyman die set for my 6.5 creedmoor and I adjust my de-capping/re-sizing die and it gets so hard to press down its insane, i can even get the primer out, its hornady brass from precision hunter ammo, ive de-capped lots of brass but am i missing something i never had this happen?
  6. D

    Annealing Machines. What's the "Best" one out there?

    Hi All, I'm looking into annealing machines and have a few questions. 1) What is generally considered the "Best" annealer and why? 2) Is Induction heat better than MAPP gas or propane flames? And is there a measurable performance increase? 3) If I wanted the "Best" annealer, what features...