1. 6point5x284

    WTS Rbros 300 Win Mag Barreled Action

    WTS Rbros 300 Win Mag barreled action. Action is a Rbros Rogue (Defiance Rebel Hybrid) with pinned 20 MOA rail. Barrel is 28" Broughton 1:10 twist and has a 3 port muzzle brake turned to the same outer diameter of the barrel for a seamless look. Barrel is fluted with straight flutes. Contour is...
  2. L

    RBROS 300 Win Mag - Berger load data

    I am interested in seeing what others load data for RBROS 300 Win mag rifles. Looking to compare load data. Looking for 210 & 215 Berger load information.... - Brass (manufacturer and prep) - powder (brand and grains) - seating depth - primer - velocity - group size I currently have a Carbon...