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    Actions - Defiance & Lone Peak Ti

    Actions & Barrels for Sale - NEW IN BOX all prices shipped to your door or FFL when required. Defiance Deviant Tactical XM - 20 MOA rail, raw unfinished, RH, Mag bolt face. for DBM - $1,450 Defiance Deviant Elite - 20 MOA rail DLC coated, RH, Std Short Action .308 bolt face. $1,500 Lone Peak...
  2. Blaster01

    SOLD/EXPIRED Lone Peak Razor TI Lapua BF

    SOLD Fully nitrided 4.00 Wyatts cut Mounted in chassis for fitting, never used or shot. Bolt stop already modified for 4.00 inlet. 22.5 ounces and the smoothest there is!