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    NOW $2,150 ...This fantastic little rifle shoots lights out, and I love shooting it. However, I prefer something heavier than the 6.5 Creedmoor as a hunting round. I know those are fightin words, but I just seem to always reach for my .284 Win or 6.5 x.284 Norma when I head out the door. The...
  2. S.B.Actual

    Pierce Titanium 28 Nosler Manners EH2

    I will probably regret this, however, I am selling my 28 Nosler built on a Pierce Ti action. List of components: Pierce TI action with TI recoil Lug and lightened bolt option Extra brand new bolt with standard bolt face (switch barrel) Huber trigger Bartlein #3 24" SS fluted and threaded 9 twist...