pressure sign

  1. 1Moose

    Interpreting Pressure Signs from Velocity (260 Remington load dev)

    Hello all, Working up loads for 260 Remington. 24 inch Chanlynn barrel. Would appreciate any help interpreting if velocity for loads show any concerning pressure signs. First, no cases had any visible signs of pressure. Only the very slightest flattening on just a few primers across all loads...
  2. 1Moose

    Wondering when to retire .30-06 brass (sectioned brass photos included)

    When posting this, I somehow lost a lot of the content, so attempting to edit it now.... I have a Rem 700 .30-06, and I'm wondering when to retire the brass. With the load my rifle likes, I am seeing light extractor marks occasionally, and slightly cratered primers regularly. I never have bolt...