1. R

    Custom built 338win mag REDUCED

    MARKED DOWN TO 3,000 FOR IMMEDIATE SALE ! Stiller predator action PB22248 stainless barrel GR douglas 338 winmag. 26" with mated muzzle brake Bell & Carlon Stock Jewel Trigger set 4.2oz Bottom Metal is high-end and matching 3 round mag. Leupold scope with dials on both adjusting vertical and...
  2. specter29

    Stiller Brux Manners 300 winmag

    Selling my Custom Built Piercision Rifle 300 win mag built by Ryan Pierce only has 10 rounds fired time to move on to a new project. it is throated for the 215 Bergers. Bipod not for sale any questions PM me or call 920-373-9603 Rifle and scope ( Athlon Cronus BTR) $5,100 Only Rifle $3,500...
  3. A

    Anyone have trouble with Ruger American Predator 308?

    Hi Everyone, A friend of mine got a Ruger American Predator rifle in 308 with the 18" threaded barrel that we are having some trouble trying to get it to shoot. I had actually recommended he look at that rifle based on the stellar reviews I have read on here about the same rifle in 6.5 CM with...