pre-64 model 70

  1. 808mike

    Pre 64 Win 70 McMillan stock

    New in the box pre 64 McMillan that i purchased off another site. That wasnt described correctly. Barrel channel is 1inch. 550.00 freight include execpt for Alaska . Sorry if your from Alaska freight will be a bit more. USA sale only.
  2. R

    7mm STW best loads and advice

    Picked up an M70 pre 64 rifle that has been re-barreled in 7mm stw. Got a great deal on it the gun is in very good condition and I just couldn't pass it up at a local pawn shop. I am looking for some advice on the best factory ammo available right now just to go shooting until I can get a good...
  3. Floundertrap

    Pre-64 Model 70 - 308 Norma - 20" Barrel - Need help with the load

    Hey Folks, I'm new, thanks for having me. I've been reading posts from this site for years and finally have a question that I don't think has been asked/answered already. If it has please kindly direct me to it. I've recently purchased what I think should've been an heirloom rifle out of...