pre 64

  1. Jp40x

    1951 or 41 pre 64 Model 70 Bolt or possibly rifle

    I know the odds are slim but I’m looking for a pre 64 1951standard caliber bolt assembly for a 22-250. I prefer the entire assembly so I don’t have to part hunt. I can buy it or trade for it depending on what someone’s looking to do. I would also trade for a rough entire rifle but I don’t...
  2. James Murphy

    SOLD/EXPIRED Pre 64 model 70 257 Robert's

    Here's one that's been in the safe a while, it doesn't get shot , so let's get it a new home. Pretty sure it's a 1952, the metal hasn't been refinished but the wood has. It was done with the original recipe winchester stock finish. I had a gunsmith install an original solid red winchester...
  3. RHallenbeck

    SOLD/EXPIRED Pre 64 Winchester Model 70 Target w/Lyman scope

    Dated 1949 Winchester target marked 30 Govt 06. Original blueing and target stock finish. Smooth action and has the original red field target sights as well. fitted with Lyman 12X scope in perfect shape..Rifle is NOT marked US property anywhere but the serial number does fall in the range of one...
  4. James Murphy

    PRE-64 M70 CUSTOM 284 WIN.

    Built in sheridan' WY. By Craig Wolski at Downrange gunsmithing. Original 1960 action and stock, winchester solid red rubber pad, 13½"LOP. Trued action, re cut checkering, full glass bedded, barrel floated, Lilja #3. 1-9" twist 3 groove, stainless. 25" length. Leupold mounts, leupold vx3...