powder measure

  1. 300 Grace

    NEW - Redding 3BR Powder Measure & Stand

    NEW, never used - Redding 3BR Powder Measure & Stand The Match-Grade Model 3BR was created to be the ultimate powder measure..."out of the box" match ready! Universal Metering Chamber has a charge range of 5 to 100 grains. BR Powder Measure - $200 + Bench Stand - $40 I can ship USPS or UPS...
  2. S

    SOLD/EXPIRED V3 AutoTrickler with majority of Area 419 upgrades

    I’m selling a V3 in great shape with most of the Area 419 upgrades and some extra parts as well. I think the only missing piece is the V shaped pan which I am still using. I also have a 120i scale in very good condition with installed electronics. The scale can be added on to this item. Asking...