powder dispenser

  1. J

    For Sale Chargemaster Link, Magnetospeed, Forster Die

    Selling off a few extra items on my reloading bench. All prices include shipping. Would consider trades for: -Berger 215 hybrids and/or 230 A-Tips -Berger 153.5 6.5 hybrids -Berger 109 6mm hybrids -Hornady 6.5 147 ELDMs -First Up, RCBS Chargemaster Link powder dispenser. In great condition...
  2. P

    Lyman Gen 6 Powder Dispenser $175

    I bought this unit new but didn't use it much as I upgraded to a FX-120i. $175
  3. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED RCBS Powder Thrower

    For sale is an older RCBS powder thrower with both the small and large cavity drums for all ranges of charge throwing. Also comes with the RCBS stand. Used for years, and finally went a different route. $40 shipped.
  4. dusty7243

    Rcbs powder measure and mechanical scale

    Selling brand new RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure and Mechanical Scale. They were part of a set but I already have these so no use for them. $50 each or both for $90. Free shipping in the USA! Please contact me thru LRH. Dusty
  5. CB11WYO

    RCBS Chargemaster vs Chargemaster Lite... Which?

    Never had either of them... only $50 difference on Amazon. Any first hand experience? Possibly interested in other brands... TIA.