powder available

  1. A

    Powders and misc equipment

    Doing a little clean up. Have a few miscellaneous items and powders I no longer need. All Powders are around 2 years or less old. All kept in a safe with a dehumidifier. Win Staball 6.5 8lb jug with about 6lbs. Left -200 1lb 4451- 30 2x 1lb accurate 2200- 34 ea 1lb accurate 2460 - 34 1lb...
  2. driftersgear

    Fresh Case of Varget 1 pounders

    Hi all, Just wanted to let ya know we received a fresh case of Varget 1 pounders, ready to ship when you are. $49.99 Plus Shipping, I have included the link for easier checkout: https://www.driftersgear.com/product/hodgdon-var1-extreme-varget-smokeless-rifle-1-lb#product_detail
  3. L


    I have a few pounds of powder to sell local pick up only in south Carolina close to Clemson 45 .ok a pound
  4. B

    WTT, hybrid 100v to H4831SC

    Would like to trade hybrid 100V to H4831SC
  5. Bob Wright

    IMR and WINCHESTER powders on line direct purchase

    Apparently these powder lines have new purchasing options for reloading. Buy direct. Hodgdon not announced yet. I was able to select a powder brand and scroll down to pick a given powder and put in in the cart.... Whaddya know?