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    What’s your Whitetail POI Continued. I’m curious what chambering, load and bullet design you use and it’s effects on your intended POI.

    Thanks to all who participated in the original thread, I really appreciate everyone’s input. I am still going through the thread and replying to all those who shared, but I wanted to ask another question...... Since success often depends on bullet performance, please let me know what...
  2. T

    Whitetail POI...... What’s your intended Target?

    Been hunting 25 years, Have seen a lot from hair pickers to those who unfortunately break the shot soon as they see brown. I myself am a heart shooter. Some hunters aim for lungs, shoulders, or neck. What’s your intended POI and why? Ie: do you try to preserve as much meat as possible? Are...
  3. LVJ76

    Poi variance

    Hi All: Today I saw something that I have never seen before while zeroing in my 7x08 for my upcoming Javelina hunt. With this caliber I've always hunted and shot in competition with bullets weighting 139gr, 140gr, 150gr and 168gr, nothing lower. I developed a load a few months ago for some...