1. hogheadv2

    Funny or Fun photo of Hunting/Shooting (someone in YOUR life)

    Son-in-law pushing woodchuck(groundhog) from a culvert under the drive. My daughter had camera in time, looks as the Chuck was lining the 17 up on him. :D I love that Boy.
  2. 65WSM

    Spotting Scope Camera Bracket

    Bracket to hold a camera to a spotting scope. Take photos through your spotting scope of game. Take video of kill shots. Use the camera screen instead of peering through the scope eyepiece. Use as a record of your target shooting. The camera is held by the tripod screw. The bracket scissors over...
  3. Antonio Gonzalez

    Any good photographer here?

    Looking for a good photographer who usually captures pictures during hunting trips. I personally don't own any DSLR but was looking for some awesome photos.