1. Bghunter338

    SOLD/EXPIRED Peterson Cartridge 300 Rum

    I have 2 boxs of these for sell. I bought them to make 338 edge with but that build has taken an unexpected turn. Asking what I paid for them $130 per box shipped to your door. Boxes are both sealed. Venmo preferred, but won't turn down a money order.
  2. trout004

    SOLD/EXPIRED Peterson 6mm Creedmoor Brass

    Five 50 ct. Boxes of Peterson Large Rifle Primer 6mm Creed Brass. Same lot. New in unopened box. $50.00 $45 each plus shipping. *One 50 ct. Box of Peterson Large Rifle Primer 6mm Creed Brass. 20 Fired, the remaining 30 are new, prepped, and ready to load. $40.00 plus shipping. If you want the...
  3. charliehorse27

    300 WM starter pack - Peterson brass, Nosler bullets, Berger bullets, etc.

    Getting out of the 300 WM game, and selling off some of the remaining caliber-related things I have. 1 opened box of Peterson long-headspace brass. Unfired, prepped with a 307 mandrel, and chamfered - $SOLD Nosler 180 gr Accubond bullets: 1 box of 50, plus 36 (9 pulled) for a total of 86...
  4. Dukerugger25

    SOLD/EXPIRED Peterson 300 Win Mag (Long) Brass

    Selling 3 unopened boxes of Peterson 300 Win Mag (Long) Brass (150 total). This is the newly released version. I am selling it because I found some more ADG and do not want to have to redo load work up. Asking what I paid - $225 TYD.
  5. D

    22 creedmoor brass recommendations?

    Im not interested in necking down brass. Alpha munitions, Peterson , ADG & Hornady all have 22 creedmoor brass. Does anyone have a recommendation or experience with mentioned brass. I personally have experience with Hornady brass in other cartridges.