peterson 300 wm long

  1. J

    Reloading bench clear out (Berger bullets, Nosler and Peterson Brass)

    Selling some extra items to buy/trade for more stuff. All prices include shipping. Trade interests are: -Berger 230 hybrids -Berger 6.5 153.5 hybrids -Hornady 230 A tips -Hornady 153 A tips -300 PRC micrometer style seating die and neck sizer Items for sale are: (all bullets are 30 cal) -2...
  2. charliehorse27

    300 WM starter pack - Peterson brass, Nosler bullets, Berger bullets, etc.

    Getting out of the 300 WM game, and selling off some of the remaining caliber-related things I have. 1 opened box of Peterson long-headspace brass. Unfired, prepped with a 307 mandrel, and chamfered - $SOLD Nosler 180 gr Accubond bullets: 1 box of 50, plus 36 (9 pulled) for a total of 86...
  3. J

    Peterson 300WM Long Brass

    Selling some extra 300WM brass that I have; 2 boxes of Peterson “Long” 300WM brass. 1 new/unopened box and 1 box that has 25 pieces of new, unfired brass. All 75 pieces are from the same lot. This is awesome brass and becoming very hard to find. I am just starting to shoot more 300 PRC and...
  4. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED Peterson Cartridge 300 WM Long

    I recently decided to go a different route and now have 300 brand new, never fired, Peterson Cartridge 300 win mag long brass. One is a bag of 250 and the other is a box of 50. The bag has never been opened and still has the metal tie from Peterson on it; as a result I would rather ship it this...