1. R

    OTM vs. Elite Hunter

    Anyone have real world experience using the OTM's on elk? Specifically the 300gr in .338 caliber. I don't see much about it on the forums since about 2013 and there has to be a lot of use of this bullet since then. Looks like they have a thicker jacket then the hybrids (which are well known...
  2. wboregon

    200 - Berger 250gr 338 otm tactical

    2 - boxes of .338 250GR HYBRID OTM Tacticals Bought these originally for my 338 edge, but ended up buying a very large quantity of 300gr noslers, I don't think I'll have a use for these in the near future, so hoping to liquidate them to a good home. Boxes are open, but contain their original...