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  1. uuolf

    WTB WTT for 5.56 G.F.L. once-ish fired brass

    I'm new in this forum so please bear with me... I've got plenty of other 223 brass I can trade... I also have 50 BMG brass and bullets I don't use anymore... And some 30-06 brass I've collected but never used... 40 cal, 44 mag, 45acp, All are once fired... Just looking to buy (or trade for)...
  2. B

    SOLD/EXPIRED 83 once fired Winchester nickel cases for 30-30 Winchester

    For sale is 83 once fired Winchester nickel cases for 30-30 Winchester. Cases were decapped and tumbled in stainless media. $35 shipped. $25 if you pick up from me here in Maricopa AZ. First I will take it followed by a pm, contact info, and method of payment gets the goods. I accept PayPal, Z E...
  3. Boomstickin


    ALL ONCE FIRED & DE-PRIMED 48 Winchester Nickel Cases 8 Mixed Brass Cases $30 Shipped
  4. Boomstickin

    SOLD/EXPIRED Hornady Precision Hunter 300 PRC Brass

    Hornady Precision Hunter 300 PRC “Once Fired” Brass 86 Count $100 OBO Shipped

    W T B - 30-378 - Weatherby Brass once fired .

    Want to buy 30-378 weatherby Brass , Once Fired . Or new if the price is Reasonable to me.
  6. S

    50 Once Fired match grade NORMA Brass 338 Lapua Magnum

    I am selling 50 pieces of once fired 338 Lapua Magnum brass. All the brass is NORMA head stamped and came from Nexus Match Grade ammunition. Norma brass is of the highest quality (next to Lapua) and is made to very exacting standards...
  7. B

    125 once fired Hornady brass cases for 6mm Creedmoor

    For sale is 125 once fired Hornady brass cases for 6mm Creedmoor. Brass was decapped and tumbled in stainless media. So clean they could pass as new. $50 shipped. First I will take it followed by a pm gets the goods. Payment by PayPal with 3 percent, check, MO, or Z E L L E. Address is Maricopa...
  8. sniperVLS

    SOLD/EXPIRED Once Fired .300RUM Norma & Nosler brass

    *Waiting for funds, consider these sold until otherwise noted... These are my personal Once Fired 40 pieces of brass, I'll have more in the coming months, as I'm out consistently hitting 1,200 yards, a Mile is within reach at Thunder Valley here in Ohio. 1 box is from Norma Bondstrikes, the...
  9. Andrew Kopman


    I have some once fired Hornady Brass for a 300 PRC, 65 pieces, never been resized. $125 OBO shipped to your door in lower 48, anywhere else will have to charge shipping.
  10. Andrew Kopman

    300 PRC once fired Hornady Brass, 65 pieces

    I have 65 empty once fired Hornady Cases for a 300 PRC. Just resize, prep, and load. asking $125 OBO. on Gun broker once fired Hornady 300 PRC brass is going for over $3.00 a case. if your in the lower 48 I will ship free. Alaska and Hawaii I will have to charge shipping, or anywhere else...