1. D

    US Optics B25 (5-25) FFP w/ MPR millreticle

    Selling a quality original USO B25 from the glory days when they were made out of commie-Cali. MPR reticle. Scope is in great shape. Has ring marks from seekins precision rings but no other issues. Glass is clear. Comes with neoprene condom and original box. I'm the original owner. $2,000
  2. E

    Armageddon Gear Waxed Canvas OG Gamechanger Bag

    Armageddon Gear Waxed Canvas OG Gamechanger Bag. Black. Had it for 2 years. Used in a few matches but in good shape. No rips or tears anywhere. $90 shipped.
  3. Hunt_4life

    First two man sniper match what should I bring?

    This weekend I have my first two man sniper match (this is my first centerfire match) and I am wanting to know what people all carry with them. There will be lots of walking and targets out to 1400 yd. I have the normal stuff, gun, ammo, bags, binos, range finder, spotter, tripod, hard data, and...
  4. D

    Proof Research SS 6.5mm 1:8 (.264) Heavy Palma Barrel

    I’m selling a brand new Proof Research Stainless Barrel .264 / 6.5 mm 1:8 heavy Palma 26” final length bought this to spin pin on my match rifle but decided to go to 6mm. $300