1. Buffalobwana

    22 Nosler

    Because I don’t already have enough calibers to load and shoot, I decided to buy a 16” AR, Noveske, 22 Nosler barrel (1:7 twist), 200 rounds Nosler 53 gr and 200 pieces of brass. I have plenty of different.22 cal bullets, so I’m ok on that, but I’m curious who loads this, what bullet/powder is...
  2. SilentPew

    High End AR uppers/parts

    Thinning out some of the items from the gun room. I may be interested in trade, but mostly looking for cash at this time. Prices are shipped and do not include optics. I'd really like to use the optics for other projects but am open to offers on them as package deals. -Black Rain 458 socom...