nightforce shv

  1. Painless31

    SOLD/EXPIRED Nightforce SHV 4X14X56 MOAR (Non-illuminated)

    For sale is a Nightforce non illuminated SHV 4X14X56. Not a mark on it Glass is in perfect condition, has been on a safe queen for the last 2 years. Will ship with box, bikini scope covers NF scope cleaner. Looking for $750.00 shipped to your door. I do not post much here but have been...
  2. L

    SOLD/EXPIRED Sig Tango 4 6-24x50

    This is a Sig Tango 4 6-24x50. This is the first generation Tango 4 in the gray color. It is a FFP scope with illuminated MOA reticle and turrets. The scope has a zero-stop and both turrets have a zero lock feature. It is in excellent condition as it’s only been lightly used. Original box...