nickel plated brass

  1. LVJ76

    Powder Pressure differences between Nickel Plated Brass vs Normal Brass

    Hi all: I plan on developing some loads with Nickel Plated Brass for my 7mm Rem Mag and one of my 7mm-08 and I read somewhere that you expect higher pressures, that you need to watch for pressure signs with less powder than with normal brass. Is this true? Also, will max velocities be around...
  2. BoatTail

    OK to Outside Neck Turn Nickel Plated Brass?

    After a session at my local clubs shooting range, I found and picked up a dozen or so Winchester Nickel Plated 300 WSM Brass mixed in with regular brass of the same make. As I began resizing them this evening to 270 WSM with the intent to outside neck turn them to match the neck thickness of my...