new adg brass

  1. J

    ADG Brass Ejector Marks

    I loaded up some virgin ADG brass with 245 Bergers with H1000 for my 300 PRC. There is no published load data that I could find, so I started at 72 grains and worked my way up to 77 grains in 0.5 grain increments. Everything was loaded 0.030 off the lands in a Bergara HMR premier. Everything...
  2. trout004

    How much should I reduce loads? New ADG Brass

    Guys, I've heard that due to lower volume, one should reduce the charge by ~10% for new ADG brass. What are your findings? I have been running 210 Bergers w/Hornady brass, 75.5 grains of VV N565, and GM215M primers, but I want to start with a new lot of ADG brass and try out the 208 ELD-M’s...