1. FireFlyFishing

    Enjoying global warming!

    Temp on the left…right now… Yep, enjoying the “warmest year on record!”
  2. jordanrw23

    Head shot on a yote

    Well I haven’t done much for predator calling or coyote hunting in the past. Today I had the day off work and ventured out to try out some handloads I brewed up with a 120gr Barnes TTSX out of my 6.5 Grendel frankenbuild I built. Haven’t shot it since October and checked the zero at 200 then...
  3. jordanrw23

    Had a great weekend in Montana (Blackfeet Nation)

    Well after building a load for my Kimber 280 Ackley with a Barnes 145 LRX and H4831sc. Found a unique looking antelope and took a 375 yard shot and my load development all came together on Friday Oct. 15. Saturday morning I was blessed at first light with possibly my personal best bull elk on...
  4. Daegon

    Montana Unit215

    Hey gang, Drawing results came out and I finally got a 215 tag for Montana. I’m wondering if anyone has hunted it before and has any info and doesn’t mind sharing. Got a call into the biologist and I’m already looking at BMAs but some actual experience would be greatly appreciated!
  5. MT_Swagger

    Montanan. Favorite hobby is LR hunting, shooting steel, And reloading.

    Eat beef! drill oil! and build the d@#! Wall! Heavy equipment operator/project manger from the big sky country. .270 is my favorite rifle. Im here mostly for the classifieds. I am Looking around for a 6.5x.284 norma. Or 6.5 PRC
  6. Gale Johnson

    Montana Rifle Company Model 1999 V2 375 H&H

    I have a like new Montana with a NECG Masterpiece Fully Adj Rear Sight, Masterpiece Banded Ramp Front Sight with Partridge Sight Insert, Talley Bases and Talley Quick Detach 1" Rings, put a Scope on and your ready to go, gun is very accurate and pleasant to shoot. I bought this from original...