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    Remington 600 stock

    I'm looking for a used lightweight stock for a 600 mohawk. Looking for an mpi, brown, or similar. Figured I'd check on here before shopping new.
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    Remington 600/660 Alloy trigger guard

    Remington 660 / 600 Mohawk replacement trigger guard, Hard anodized black, drop in fit. $97.00 shipped. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Willie Manning CVMW 541-260-6246

    Rem Model Mohawk 600 CALIBER??

    HI! I have done a ton of reading and a couple comments on here but this is the first post/question. Though I have a few. I have a Remington Model Mohawk 600 in .243 that was my mothers. “They” my grandfather and great-uncle cut about 4” off the stock and I think someone cut the barrel at some...