1. jh2785

    MK12 SPR Mod 1 complete rifle

    I built this recently but as I mentioned in another ad, I've got way too much stuff and need to sell some things. Full parts list here..... Upper: - 18" Douglas barrel, rifle gas, bead blasted from Compass Lake Engineering - KAC FF RAS quad rail part # 21318 - KAC BUIS (big knob rear sight...
  2. S

    “Mock12” AR build

    I know AR’s aren’t a huge seller on this forum but figured I might as well post it here as well. Built this rifle because I was infatuated with the Mk12 mod 1 but I'm not a cloner nor do I care about being "clone correct" and just wanted to smoke some coyotes with it but it just sits and never...
  3. SilentPew

    Nightforce 2.5-10x24 Rare MK12 Optic

    Up for sale is a Nightforce 2-10x24 in the rare MIL variation that was made specifically for the mk12 and EBR programs. This will be a perfect clone correct optic for your build. Will come with correct ARMS rings too (ignore larue in 2nd pic) $1800 shipped.