1. Bjt308

    Tikka t3, t3x 34mm Talley and custom machined 35 mm scope rings

    One set of Talley 34mm med rings for a tikka t3/t3x. Like new for $40.00 shipped. One set of custom machined 7075 aluminum 35mm rings for tikka t3/t3x. Rings are raw machined finish. Height from top of action to bottom of scope tube is .480”. Asking $100.00 shipped.
  2. Rent Outdoor Gear

    Medium Length (3.2") Actions - Titanium & steel options + barrels

    Actions & Barrels for Sale - NEW IN BOX all prices shipped to your door or FFL when required. Defiance Deviant Tactical XM - 20 MOA rail, raw unfinished, RH, Mag bolt face for DBM - $1,450 Defiance Deviant Elite - 20 MOA rail DLC coated, RH, Std Remington Short Action length, .308 bolt face...
  3. Dukerugger25

    SOLD/EXPIRED 30mm Nightforce Ultralight

    Selling Two sets of Nightforce Ulralite 30mm rings in medium /1.000 inch height. Asking $130 TYD per set via PayPal F&F.
  4. ohiohunter

    30mm rings Warne mountain tech medium

    New Warne mountain tech lite rings 30mm medium height (0.400) 3.9oz $75tyd
  5. Dukerugger25

    SOLD/EXPIRED NF 34mm ultralight rings, medium height

    Selling a set of NightForce (NF) 34mm ultralight rings, 1” medium height. Rings have never been mounted. Was going to use them, but switched back to a 30mm tube scope. Asking $130 TYD. Only trade would be for a 30mm Flatline Ops Sniper Level.