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    Manners MCS-T Elite Tac NIB

    I have a brand new-in-box Manners MCS-T with the Elite Tactical Carbon Fiber fill, aluminum pillars installed (by Manners) for a Remington long action or clone. It was built to be light weight. Set up for as much as M24/MTU contour barrel or smaller. Bipod stud on the bottom, with flush cups on...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Manners MCS-T 90% CF - Surgeon SA -- SOLD

    Selling my Manners MCS-T. Inletted for Surgeon/Rem 700 SA with Seekins DBM and includes (1) 308 magazine. 90% CF, less than 3 lb as pictured WITH DBM and magazine. Asking $550 shipped. SOLD