mcmillan manners

  1. Tiger260

    SOLD/EXPIRED McMillan Rem Hunter - SA, M5 inlet

    McMillan Remington Hunter Rem700 short action, inlet for Hawkins M5 bottom metal, Rem Varmint barrel contour. Two flush cups on left side. Bedded for Rem700 by Roberts Precision (Texas). Basically it’s ready to drop in your Rem700 varmint/Sendero barreled action and Hawkins DBM. Paint scratch...
  2. patross79

    McMillan A5 Savage LA

    I'm sure it's a long shot but looking to trade this RH Savage Long action A5 McMillan sendero profile for a htg or similar hunting style McMillan/manners Savage Long action. As long as it can be opened up to a sendero profile. I had used factory dbm on it but all my other Savage Mcmillan the ptg...